Saturday, July 16, 2011

MAC or PC? Or, how I hate my computer.

I did it.  I bought a MacBook Pro.  Actually, this happened much earlier in the Spring, but I was so slow with creating The B-On that I only now get to talk about it.  But first for something completely different.

I have always been a Windows user.  My dad uses it, and then I used it better, and then I supported it with my "temporary" Help Desk job.  Actually, I can't say that I've always been a Windows user.  I started dabbling in Linux (Ubuntu) when Windows Vista was released.  At the time, I found that Ubuntu was more modern, more useful, and (potentially) better looking than Windows XP.  I also sure as heck did not want to mess with Vista.  Then Windows 7 was released and I upgraded again.

Nearly everyone knows that in any creative artsy industry, the tool of the trade will be Macintosh.  Or at least, that is the line that is always trumpeted by Mac users.  I won't bother digging up statistic and making some kind of point/counter-point on that regard(maybe another day).  The point is that I grew tired of receiving this reaction at Graduate school interviews:

You don't use a Mac? HUUUUUUH??

I get it!  I understand!  I acknowledge it and even embrace it:  I need to get to know Macintosh.  Then, I recieved an acceptance letter, and it was time to buy a Macintosh.  A MacBook Pro in fact, for portability and power.  And sooner rather than later, to have time to become acclimated to OS X and incorporate it into my own little network.  It'll be fun!  I had fun becoming a comfortable Ubuntu user, OS X will be just as interesting!

Too interesting.

It's been...something.  I tell people that I have a love/hate relationship with my MacBook.  There are things about it that just annoy me, or make no sense, or causes why-the-hell-is-it-like-that kind of reactions.  I very much wish I had had The B-On ready earlier, as it would have been easier and more interesting to write about these things when I first came across them.  I also admit that there are things that I like about OS X.  I use bootcamp with Windows 7 when needed, but most of the time I roll with OS X.

A part of this blog will be my experiences working with new technology, or old technology in ways new to me.  So be ready.  Be ready for the rants to come as I whine and complain about awkward GUI, and raves when I endlessly praise obscure functions of some MIDI controller.  It'll come.  But for today, this is enough.

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