Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where I actually blog about something....

...and that something is the blog itself.  Welcome to The B-On, my space about music, graduate studies, tech, and whatever else.

The idea of this blog formed several months ago, when I was finally making some headway into Graduate School.  I was inspired by a couple of my friends; Endor, who long ago blogged about her studies abroad in Japan (and has since disappeared from the internet though now safely ensconsed in The States), and more recently Rach who writes about her living and teaching in a completely different culture and hemisphere.  I knew I wanted to eventually take my studies to Japan, and thought: "I should blog about it, too!"  But it didn't stop there...

Why should I wait until then?  Why not write about my current studies?  Wait wait, just my studies -- so boring! I could also blog about stuff like anime and video games and other silly stuff.  And music too!  I am studying music, after all...oh oh oh I should put my crap online. 
Something like that.  Thus, The B-On!  Here there be music, rants, diatribes, and probably a vocaloid or two.  Already, prior to this post you will find the first of more to come, my arrangement of a popular anime theme song.  Be sure to come back for more!

And if you would like to know the meaning of The B-On, I suggest you read the FAQ.

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