Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RobUsa B is going to Otakon!

I'm going to Otakon!  An anime convention in Baltimore, Maryland.   I signed up for this a year ago and it isn't until recently that I've built up excitement for it, mostly cause I know what will be going on there.  A few of the things I'm looking forward too:

  • Matsuri Festival on Thursday afternoon.  These festivals are typical events in nearly every anime ever, so I'm excited to actually participate in one.  I will be search-and-destroy mode for takoyaki and yakisoba.  Down side: Bright, Summery, and Hot afternoon.
  • Nobuo Uematsu will be speaking and providing autographs.  Nobuo Uematsu is a huge name in the video game music industry, and is responsible for the most popular tunes from Final Fantasy I-IX.  The autograph session is also a benefit for Japan tsunami relief.  
  • Music industry panels.  There seems to be two music panels that I can find.  One of the appears to be a sort of show-and-tell of awesome music from talented artists.  Another one appears to be a panel about making video game music (it's called Let's Make Video Game Music!) and will talk about the creation process.  Cannot miss that one.
  • K-On! Concert.  I am currently over-infatuated with K-On music, so this is awesome.  It appears that the English-version voice actors are participating in this concert, and that kind of scares me.  As far as I could tell (and I didn't really put a lot of effort into it), the English dubbed release did not translate the music. 
  • Otakon Jamspace.  It's a room!  And all it's for is jamming out!  ON INSTRUMENTS (real ones)!  That's cool.  I'll check it out though I'll probably be too self-conscious to actually play something and have fun. 
  • And of course the cosplay, anime showings, manga library, the cafe, and the other random panels.  
We set out early tomorrow morning, and it will be a blast.  I'll have a few copies of my (two) arrangements to give out should the occasion arise (I can't imagine how that would happen but it is good to be prepared).

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