Thursday, July 7, 2011

Piano arrangement of Resuscitated Hope (GOSICK)

RobUsa B's first upload:  Resuscitated Hope by Lisa Komine.

Resuscitated Hope, piano arrangement sheet music (pdf download) 
Resuscitated Hope, Lisa Komine - Original (youtube)

This is the first season ending theme for GOSICK, which finished airing earlier this month.  It details the mysteries surrounding Victorique and her friend Kujo, in the fictional European country of Sauville just prior to the second world war.  It is basically Sherlock Holmes but with a touch of Gothic fashion and a touching love story.  I highly recommend it.

I can talk about how I chose to arrange this because of the dark tones and dramatic hits juxtaposed with airy motifs of hope and light, but really I just think it sounds cool.  Also, I felt it was pretty simple and fun.  I tried to go beyond "right chords" and incorporate some of the characteristics of the orchestral/rock accompaniment.  The solo in the middle is loosely adapted from the original guitar solo, and I think it takes on an interesting flavor on piano.  The final arrangement is slightly beyond my ability to play without lots of practice time -- if anyone wishes to perform and record (and credit me for the arrangement...), feel free to do so and please send it my way.

I will definitely have to work on my ability to arrange for specific difficulty levels; and I also would really like to play this song easily, so I will probably make an easier arrangement in the future.  I also think Resuscitated Hope would work with with a solo instrument and piano accompaniment -- which offers opportunities for the pianist to play more of the colorful ornaments in the orchestra.  We shall see, so stay tuned!


  1. WoW nice arrangement you made there. Type to pick up piano again ;). sounds really good ;)

  2. wow you must of put allot a hard work into this its beautiful :D :D :D i love it thx for sharing

  3. I love the original song sung by Lisa Komine, and i must say you did a beautiful job with this arrangement. I've been wanting to learn piano and guitar for a while now and have the sheet music for a few of my favorite songs, including your arrangement of this song XD
    any chance you take requests for songs? if you do, the opening to Angel Beats. song name My Soul, Your Beats. please contact me if u wish @ for more info. Thank you so much!

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