Thursday, July 14, 2011

So, hey, you are still coming right? UPDATED 7/14

UPDATE 7/14:  I called RL today.  The person who answered told me that someone told him that my first contact at RL told her that my issue is resolved.  Uh...great?  Who can I talk to really confirm that???  Anyways, I left a message and the contact called me back and everything is fixed.  Crisis Averted.  I asked when will I get an email about it, and she said I already did 2 weeks ago.  Huh?  Checked my school email and there's nothing of the sort.  Turns out I had, purely coincidentally, confirmed my room assignment online without even receiving the email about it.  I even remember confirming it, though I was on the website for a completely different reason and didn't know what I was doing.  Anyways, I have a room, but no email that says as much.  RL said they will re-forward the email.  8 hours later, still no email.  Called them again, discovered that my contact has now left for vacation.  Ok...who else can help me?  Her assistant, great!  So I leave a message for the assistant.  An hour later, no email, no call.  Call RL again to discover the assistant has now left for a day.  Sigh.  Well, the problem is resolved, I just really want the email, so I'll keep bugging them until I get it or discover a whole new problem preventing me from receiving the email.  I'm probably done talking about this here unless whole new realms of ridiculousness is achieved.  Hit the jump if you wish to read up on yesterday's phone call.

Residential Living just called.  They asked if I was still planning to attend WCU in the Fall. Um...Yes?

For the past two months, anytime conversation approached my "future place of residence," I always hesitated to say I will be living in the graduate dorm.  I was always careful to say use words like "if" "unless" and "hopefully."  Maybe I somehow self-fulfilled this prophecy, but I had always felt something would go wrong.

To the people at Residential Living (RL), I do give them this credit: They recognized something wasn't right and contacted me.  That's good,  because now I know something is wrong.  RL said my admission application is withdrawn, and therefore I have been "kicked out of residential living." Alright, I can follow that:  There had been some doubt on my chances to get into the graduate program, and I was more than happy to take the pre-grad route and earn another pre-grad degree in a related field; so I had submitted a graduate and pre-graduate application at the same time.  It makes sense that my pre-graduate application has since been withdrawn, though I don't believe I ever contacted anyone to do so.

So I was advised to contact admissions.  I contacted admissions, and was put in touch with someone who was helpful.  The end result was that the "system" indicates that I had indeed applied to pre-grad and graduate, was accepted to graduate, and withdrawn from pre-grad.  Furthermore, my "Student Record," which I took to be the system that really means the most,  firmly shows that I am in a graduate program and there is nothing that should cause a problem.  Except for that there is, evidently.  He suggested that my contact at RL should also contact him too figure this out.

Then I called RL back, my contact was unavailable. I left a message with the person who answered, and then they closed (promptly at 5).  To be continued....

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